Internet connectivity is not a luxury for hotels and other hospitality companies - customers expect it in the same way they expect any other utility or amenity. Guests demand reliable Internet and if it is slow or, even worse, not available, it can lead to bad reviews and a loss of repeat business. Successful hospitality business recognize the need for reliable, secure and redundant service and a dependable network solution for employees and guests alike.

For many years, Nuvisions has worked with hotel owners and managers to meet this growing demand.

And no longer do these demands create operating expenditures - there is now the opportunity for revenue generation from these services. In the past, hotels would pay for guest televisions and video on demand services, while making just a small amount of that money back. There was no way to subsidize the cost. This is where Nuvisions is creating a paradigm shift. We have created innovative ways to drive revenue through the VOD offering.


  • A system that works on both COAX and CAT 5/6 networks
  • Wireless connectivity enabled for streaming apps and return path
  • Exceeds brand compliance standards
  • Ability to showcase all hotel amenities, restaurants, services
  • Hotel compendium / digital guest directory
  • PPV revenue generation with VOD
  • Free movies on demand library to provide as amenity to guest
  • Advertise local businesses
  • Hotel branding on TV screen
  • Welcome Screen for personalized guest experience
  • 24x7 Support
  • Repeat customers to the hotel / higher customer retention


  • HD programming of all the channels
  • Residential experience with interactive program guide
  • Access to all hotel amenities, restaurants, services
  • Mobile device screen share
  • Access to vast library of apps
  • Free movies on demand
  • Latest PPV movies on demand
  • Web Browsing
  • In-room dining
  • Flight updates



Nuvisions enables hotels to customize guest room TVs by controlling the brand messaging on the screen. Our service comes standard with a custom branded welcome page, hotel logo, channel banner, and interactive program guide data for all North American content providers.


Nuvisions understands that your guests expect nothing less than the residential HD interactive experience they enjoy at home. The NuVisions system comes standard with a fully interactive program guide and Pro:idiom decryption, eliminating the need to purchase expensive Pro:idiom TVs


Nuvisions provides a selection of audio and video streaming apps, including YouTube, Crackle, Rhapsody, and more for those guests who do not have access to their personal streaming video and audio accounts directly. NuVisions’s over-the-top service is network agnostic and can be delivered over CAT5/6, COAX, and wireless networks.


This NuVisions service comes with top studio box office hits available to your guests on-demand. Selections include latest the Hollywood pay-per-view movies, adult features, and free blockbuster movies that make your guests’ stay more memorable. Our unique business model enables you to set movie prices and keep 100% of the revenue.


Nuvisions offers the hospitality industry’s most advanced over-the-top content and entertainment solution whereby guests can stream any content from their personal devices to the TV seamlessly.


Whether your guests want to order pizza delivery, go to a local bar or visit other local attractions, NuVisions’s local attraction menu provides your guests with a digital concierge service. This unique service benefits you through sellable on-screen real estate.


Weather, news and flight updates are included as part of NuVisions’ standard offering. Our in-house user interface customization team allows you to combine videos, photos, graphics, text, and more for a truly personalized in-room entertainment experience.


Promote all your hotel services digitally and save costs. This allows the hotel to showcase all in-house services and amenities. This includes room service menus, restaurant promotions, spa deals, breakfast timings, and any other offerings you would like to publicize.

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