During any large-scale event - be it indoor or outdoor - high-speed connectivity is essential. Without a WiFi connection, attendees can’t share photos and post about the event via their social media accounts - and the reach and promotion of your event suffers.

NuVisions has provided network solutions for prominent events for decades - including marathons, concerts, conferences and much more. We offer fast temporary connectivity with a fast installation process that allows organizers to focus on the myriad of other responsibilities that come with organizing an event.


Convention Centers

Convention centers need to assure their customers that they will have access to state-of-the-art Internet connectivity throughout the space. Nuvisions offers a wholly owned network that guarantees reliable connectivity for guests and staff alike.

Event Venues

When hosting a large-scale event, guests expect to have the ability to share their experience via social media and other platforms that require connectivity. Attendees and vendors also want to make payment methods as painless as possible. No matter the place, Nuvisions can meet all of your network needs.


Hotel guests have come to expect a reliable WiFi connection the same way they expect the shower to have running water - it is an absolute necessity. Nuvisions offers a network solution that is scalable and secure so you can expand when needed, while ensuring customer data is not compromised.

Stadiums / Arenas

Sports venues and concert arenas demand a robust network for a myriad of reasons. Staff needs to scan tickets, vendors need to sell merchandise and food and attendees want to share their experience via their smart phone. Nuvisions works with each venue to ensure all unique needs are met.


NuVisions is there for you every step of the way. We offer:

24x7 Support

Our staff is onsite and in our offices ready to assist you at all times.

Ultra Fast Internet

Our temporary solutions provide fast, dependable WiFi for guests and staff.


With our wholly owned network, you can rest assured event attendees and staff can count on getting connected and staying that way.

Quick Installation

Once you order from NuVisions, our staff has our network installed and ready to go within 48-72 hours.

Expert Staff

From installation to the end of your event, NuVisions engineers are there for you every step of the way.


NuVisions has been providing top-notch connectivity for events for years - and we do it better than anyone else.

Contact us today to learn more about how we keep event attendees and staff connected with our high-speed, cost-effective networks.